Hair Transplant

The First Hair Transplant

As early as 1939 Hair Transplants have been creating small miracles in people lives who suffer from various types of hair loss for a number of different reasons.    Dr. Okuda, a Japanese dermatologist performed the first hair transplant procedure using the punch technique.  By taking a small section of hair bearing skin and transplanting it into even smaller incisions made to an area where skin was damaged the first successful hair transplant was performed. Just a few years later another Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Tamura, improved upon the earlier technique and made the grafts smaller, using only 1 to 4 hairs per graft.  Due to events of World War II, it wasn’t until much later these advancements made their way to the United States.  Consequently, Dr. Tamura’s Hair Transplant methods are very similar to the ones still used today


The First Hair Transplant in the US

Approximately 20 years later a dermatologist in New York, Dr. Norman Orentreich performed the first Hair Transplant procedure.  His subject was a man who had male pattern baldness.  Unfortunately, having used Dr. Okuda’s Hair Transplant method referred to as the punch technique, the results left much to be desired.  Though receiving criticism for pioneering this procedure here in the United States, Dr. Orentreich did establish that hair around the sides and back of a man’s head was not prone to balding, thus opening many doors to the next pioneer of a better method.  Unfortunately however, the criticism and mistrust in the Hair Transplant Procedure and Industry is still plagued by these earlier procedures that produced undesirable results.


Major Breakthrough in Hair Transplants

After three decades of hibernation from previous criticism and research for improved methods, The Hair Transplant Industry introduced Follicular Unit Grafting.  These improvements in Hair Replacement are rapidly changing the minds of many hair loss sufferers with their amazing, natural looking results.  With nearly 50% of all men suffering from hair loss in the U.S. this is a welcome advancement in modern medicine.  As techniques continue to improve in Hair Transplants the results get better and better.  Today’s successful Hair Restoration is undetectable to even a professional hair stylist.  


Reliving Years with Hair Transplants

Hair loss can mean a lot more than just a bald or thinning scalp.  To many, it is a loss of youth or years of their life.  Now with improved methods of Hair Transplantation, individuals regain more than just their hair; they have a chance to relive the years they thought were lost forever, when hair loss occurred.  Call the Arizona Hair Institute Today at 480-946-7100 for a free Hair Transplant Consultation.